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Michele J. Gaines

Enrolled Agent

 Federally Licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury in Federal Taxation

Article Published in the May-June, 2016 Edition of Pittsburgh Avenue West Magazine

Let’s Talk Diamonds…Your Tax Life Glamorized

by Michele J. Gaines, B.A.C.P. EA

Let's talk about diamonds! The glisten of this stone is remarkable and anyone who has one, will agree with that assessment. The sparkle of a diamond lights up the eyes, makes your heart skip a beat and gives you an indescribable feeling. It makes everyone who sees or has one jump for joy…they really are anyone's best friend! Yes, that lump of coal that now makes your eyes sparkle started out as just that...a rock of coal that was transformed into a rock of light, a transformation that obviously works. Well, here's another transformation that works...taking your tax life from rocks of coal, into rocks of tax sparkle...let's talk tax diamonds.

There are 16,000 pages of Tax Codes which we refer to as the IRC, the Internal Revenue Code. Take it seriously because in that catalog lies the mechanisms needed for us to know how to turn that tax lump of coal into tax diamonds. Your tax life needs to be managed and the only successful way to do that is by knowing how to apply the information contained in those 16,000 pages to your everyday life. Without knowing exactly how to use the Codes to your advantage your rocks of tax coal will stay dark, unpolished and useless. On the bright side however, your tax life can sparkle…yes there is glamour in numbers if managed properly.

My office is available to you as a resource and for consultation on all tax matters year round. Give me a call or send me an email to make an appointment. Relief of tax woes is not mystical, there are solutions to every tax concern. So whatever your plight in the tax world of coals, your tax diamonds await you.

Michele is a federally licensed tax professional, admitted to practice with unlimited rights of representation before IRS.