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Michele J. Gaines

Enrolled Agent

 Federally Licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury in Federal Taxation

Tax Topics that Save, Build &

Increase Into Millions

Book I - How to Insure Your Maximum Refund

Book II - The IRS Notice, Game On

Book III - The IRS Audit, The Love Letter

Book IV - The IRS Debt - The Lien Machine

Book V - The Business Model - Growing Assets Using Taxation

Book VI - Manage Your Tax Life - Basics of the 1040

Book VII - Witness & The Tax Credits

Book VIII - Scrap Books vs. Tax Records

Book IX - Building the Economy One Taxpayer at a Time

Book X - Tax Strategy - You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Michele's Articles that appear in Pittsburgh Avenue West Magazine

Tax Season...The Shopping, The Scammers & You

Teletax...Mind, Health and Millions