Substantive Paralegal Services

As Paralegals, we specialize in as many areas of business and the law as we deem fit and according to market saturation. Our practice is respected, comprehensive and competent and includes service in the following areas:

  • Legal Research, Legal Writing, Document and Pleadings preparation, and preparation of all discovery requests;
  • Forensic Accounting in Equitable Distribution issues in divorce matters, Insurance and Bank Fraud; Forensic Investigations in Federal and State Court cases;
  •  Assisting Attorneys in all aspects of Family Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense matters and Real Estate Conservatorships.
  • Preparation of Pre-Trial and Post-Trial Motions and Briefs; 
  • Preparation of Appellate Motions and Briefs; Preparing Witnesses for Trial and Cross-Examination;
  • Any and all Departments of Federal, State & Local Court Filings;
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) - Child Welfare Training since 2011.